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Best Organic Intermittent Fasting Healthy Detox Colon Cleanse Fit Tea

Beauty Fit Healthy Intermittent Fasting Detox Fit Tea

Highlights: PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! Gourmet Blend of 6 Highly effective organic herbs that are not used in grocery store brands. These are chemical free harvested fresh herbs that deliver tonic effects to your organs. That's why we call it Fit Tea, it can help reduce body fat, especially belly and and help get a fit shapely waist.

*A Great Teatox Fit Tea For Reducing Excess Water and Helps Improve Body Shape

*Amazing for Paleo, Low Carb and Ketogenic diets

*Reduces The  Waist , Release Excess Water Retention 

*Reduces Toxins & Cleanses the Digestive System

*Improves Skin, Shown to Clear up Some Forms of Acne

*Works Great on Stomach and Detoxes Fatty Lipids 

*May Increases Metabolism and May Improve Energy 

*Cleanses the system and could improve overall health

*An Effective Pure Tea on The Market with 6 Powerful Organic Herbal Ingredients!

*Ideal and Used by Many for Intermittent Fasting

*NON, GMO, No Pesticides, No Sugar, Cruelty Free, Recyclable Bag!

BONUS- 14 Days + 7 More FREE! Plus you get Victoria's $99.00 A Quick Start Diet E-Book With Recipes as a bonus if you buy your first now.

Beauty Fit Detox Tea Tox

If you want to detox and cleanse your body of toxins excess toxins, cellulite, sluggish digestion and improve your energy level, you will love our tea. It is made six exclusive with fresh harvested organic herbs.

When our women’s figure & bikini competitors, men’s physique, fitness models, moms and dads are ready to detox, cleanse, get healthier, clear up their skin, and drop some weight, our six organic premium blend herbs in our exclusive formula total body detox and weight loss tea is their only choice.

I use this formula for my massive body shape transformation!  How about you too? Your body deserves the healthiest and the best. Even if you don't lose tons of weight you will be nourishing your organs with healthy elements that transform your body form the inside out. 

Yes, they have to strut on stage, or pose for the camera and even do South Beach or Brazil photo shoots, but most important is they have to have energy, get rid of excess bloating, and keep regular and be healthy so they feel and look amazing.

Our happy Hourglass ladies love this formula because it helps them get their waist skinny without giving them an emaciated look. This powerful organic formula helps to remove accumulated toxins from your body without cramps.

Our thousands of customers love using it when they are intermittent fasting in the morning before they eat and then they dab on some Slim & Tone Extreme Slimming Cream and put on their waist trainer and Bam! They are ready for work, the gym, running errands and even a night out dancing.

Our tea carefully crafted with a unique set of combined ingredients that have been used for centuries to help you regenerate from the inside out so that you get healthy glowing skin, get rid of harmful dangerous toxins, lose excess water weight, beat bloating and helps with constipation and digestion without cramps. It is a complete formula that is yummy and completely effective. It is blended fresh before we ship so you can be assured it is made with pure organic ingredients and is in full effectiveness mode when it hits your tummy!


  •  BEST DETOX TEA TOX: Our stay at homers who still care about their health and may practice intermittent fasting, yoga tribes, athletes, moms, bikini and figure competitors love this tea. It’s the most organically grown, carefully crafted and smooth formulation on the market. It beats bloating and is perfect before a special occasion to get in perfect form and great after to undo celebration over indulgences! Formulated to pump up your healthy plan and jump start your total body detox and carry you through special intermittent fasting, all at the same time. It has been shown to flatten your belly, thus making it fit tea,  improve your skin, release excess bloating and water retention without painful cramps diarrhea or dangerous dehydration.
  • MORE HEALTHY BODY TYPES: Created by a highly coveted tea master (ie:master chef). It has 5 pure highly effective premium blend organic herbs in a great natural blend that can aid in healthy digestion, remove toxins associated with bad bacteria, skin outbreaks and dimply fat cells. A potent detox and an amazing restoring of the immune system all in one. Clean your colon, detox your liver, stimulate your metabolism, clear out toxins that can be a breeding ground for parasites, step up lipolysis (Fat Burning)
  • MORE FOR LESS and SMOOTH AS SILK TASTE: WOOHOO! You get a14 day supply plus 7 more free. BARGAIN BABY! YOU GET MORE FOR LESS! It takes 21days to make a new habit! When you cleanse with this UNIQUE FORMULATION, your metabolism is boosted and your energy increases. This tea is naturally harvested and is a delightful  TRADITIONAL TASTY BLEND OF EIGHT100% Natural organic herbs: Organic Holy Basil, Organic Spearmint, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Lemon Myrtle, Organic Linden Blossoms, Organic Ginger Root.
  • CLEAR HEALTHY SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL: the ingredients in our detox tea are some of the best for detoxing your body which helps to clear your sin. It is chocked full of skin regenerating and smoothing herbs that can help you get rid of breakouts, acne and other skin disorders. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, so you can see how cleansing and detoxing can also clear up your skin. Our formula is the best for this.
    . Healthier more clear mind and steady energy and body improving effects
    . Get rid of unhealthy toxins in your body throughout the day
    . Boost metabolism for better weight loss
    . Cleanse your digestive system

  •  .Detoxify your system, colon and  metabolic system
  • . Suppress appetite and fight hunger 

     BEST FIT TEA EVER SUPER TRAINER: This formula is from Victoria’s Body Shoppe Celebrity Trainer and DVD Queen, with over ten million sold, Best Selling Fitness & Health and Fitness and Health Authority.

  • This BEST EVER DETOX & FIT TEA TOX is the same formulation she gives to her elite clients, athletes and stars around the world. If you don’t agree, send it back and get your money back or get another one because you just can’t live without feeling calm, healthy and cleansed from the inside out.

  • LOVIN’ IT or RETURN IT! When you drink this body shaping tummy flattening belly fat attacking organic tea blend and find yourself “not lovin’ it” like our other body slimming, waist trimming tea addicts, then send it back and get your money honey! We only want happy healthy Quick Start Getting Healthy And Stay Healthy and Fit Tea For Life drinkers!

  • Clean, Pure, Organic *NON, GMO, No Pesticides, No Sugar, Cruelty Free, and comes to your door in a Recyclable Bag!

                    100% Money Back Guarantee on all of our Products!