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We are so glad you are here. If you care about your skin, your happiness and looking your best, you have come to the right place. We are a full-service contemporary natural skin care brand created just for you. We research, source, and test constantly to be sure you have the highest quality products for the best reasonable price. 

We are a professional skin care company that makes every product from scratch in a small batch (not mass produced to sit on a shelf for years with tons of preservatives and possible toxins) manufactured method right here in the USA.

We use the finest FDA approved ingredients that are known to create the best possible effective improvements without harsh chemicals. Every batch that is made starts from scratch and is tested for purity in the lab.  You can be guaranteed of its potency and freshness. There is even an FDA compliancy consultant that works in the factory.  Every product comes with a money back guarantee and I have been in the body and beauty business for over a decade.

About Victoria


       Victoria Johnson is the Company Founder, Fitness Model, Skin Care Entrepreneur, Professional Trainer, Development Consultant to body athletes, entertainers, entrepreneurs and moms and dads. She is also a celebrity dance fitness talent and teacher’s teacher - with expertise in the science of professional body and health transformation, body conditioning, she's a Continuing education provider and trainer of industry personal trainers and fitness instructors. She has been a continuing Education Provider for ACE, AFAA, IAC, AAA/ISMA  and other international training organizations for over a decade.

Victoria was the first Fitness Athlete to be signed by Nike as an Endorsed Athlete and Spokesmodel. She has also been a spokes-model, trainer and commercial talent for LA Gear, Adidas, Nutrasweet and infomercial companies where she got her experience in skin care development. She rocked over 20,000 photo shoots, worked with world class dermatologists, make-up artists and aestheticians learning about skin care, make up and body shaping technology.

Victoria is a published author of 10 Best Selling Amazon.com books including Body Revival, published by the Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishers and has been published by Penguin  Books. Victoria has been a contributing fitness and beauty writer in the media and has been featured in publications, such as Elle, Shape, Vogue, IDEA, AFAA, Self, Rolling Stone and USA Today to name a few!

Victoria’s Skin Tight Naturals Model Series

Victoria's Skin Tight Naturals Model SeriesAre you ready for a New Skin Transformation?  I hope so because you deserve the best so you can look your best 24/7! I am thrilled to share some of the highest quality, best priced and superb value Dermatological Grade Skin Care Products on the market today!

A kazillion hours of filming everything from video game footage to workouts to Massive Media appearances worldwide to Nike and Adidas commercials, thousands of photo shoots, and tens of thousands of photos later; as well as hundreds or thousands of dollars of slathering, smoothing, blotching, bleaching, laser, experimenting, researching and painfully peeling; I have become an expert of insider secrets to smooth, bright, even skin tone, invisible pore camera ready and doll face looking flawless skin. 

I have cupboards of partially used bottles, tubes, jars, cans and even jugs of unused products. Not to mention the hundreds of samples of test skin rebuilding products and raw ingredients.  I have been on sets with amazing makeup artists, who combined, have more makeup than Sephora in Italy and China.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than being in a makeup artist's chair and they keep stepping back looking at you and saying HHHMMMM with a puzzled look on their face.  Only to find out that he or she is trying to flawlessly cover hyper-pigmentation, scars, breakouts, wrinkles, lines and what feels like tear drop size pores!! AAAHHH!

And mind you, that was after spending thousands on dermatology visits, various creams, masks, serums, and peels! If I had known what I know now, I would have probably close to a million dollars saved from NOT wasting it on ineffective products. 

Don’t get me wrong; I am not saying it was all a waste because I got a Ph.D. in experience and ingredient experimentation.  I now understand the value of using high quality, not necessarily a high priced skin friendly and biochemically compatible elements to make your skin reach its optimum beauty and healthy condition.  Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It is alive and metabolically active. It needs certain elements and when combined synergistically, your skin will improve faster than you thought possible.

My Celebrity Model Series Includes:

  • Hydrating Skin Face Tightener with Matrixyl - Firms, Tightens, Smoothes Skin
  • Flawless Face Base Studio Primer -  Hides Pores, Illuminates Skin
  • Retinol Firm & Lift Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid - Smoothes, Corrects, Restores
  • Clear Skin Scar and Bruise Cream - Helps Speed Recovery of Scars and Bruises
  • Lighten & Brighten Illuminating Skin Cream - Evens Skin Tone, Brighter Skin Glow
  • Deep Pore Refining Daily Cleanser - Exfoliates & Detoxes, Decrese Excell Oil
  • Supreme Anti-Aging Spot Cream - Dark Spot Perfecting Cream
  • Hylauronic Acid Vitamin C Serum -  Anti-Aging, Brightens, Rejuvenates
  • Model Series Makeup Brush Set -  10 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Collection

Take a moment and check out my Celebrity Model Series Line and find the perfect product to start with to begin your New Skin Transformation!


Victoria's Skin Tight Naturals Alchemy Series 

Victoria's Skin Tight Naturals Alchemy SeriesVictoria’s Skin Tight Natural’s Alchemy Series draws its inspiration straight from the origins of ancient science. Alchemy connotes a discipline that is equal parts DIY craft and scientific salon and dermatologist methods. Exchange a medieval castle for your own bathroom or kitchen, a combination of high-grade made for you beautiful bottle for a crusted over an iron bowl of eccentric elements gathered in the forest or bartered from the local wizard or market. And trade a futuristic facial device and sea elements for wooden dowels and you are emulating the alchemists of the ages.

You mix and match serums, moisturizers, clarifying, brightening, firming and sculpting lotions to craft the most effective lotions and combinations to help you get baby soft, clear, beautiful dreamy skin.

New products are always being added as we discover more skin refining technology.  When it comes to your skin and body, we don’t mess around with fillers, fluffy stuff that has no purpose but to drive up the cost. We believe in being active and living life with total joy and beauty. No sidelining! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs a workout and the best nutrients to be healthy! You are the alchemist of your mind, body, and skin! Use the best, do the best so you can live the best life possible!

Victoria’ s Skin Tight Naturals Luxury Beauty Line

Victoria's Skin Tight Naturals Luxury Beauty LineLuxury brands are coveted the world over, they are the highest grades, pay attention to detail, go the extra mile to be sure you have the absolute best there is to enjoy your life to the fullest.  Victoria’s Skin Tight Naturals is proud to share her very own Luxury Signature Brand with you.

From Victoria,

I was introduced to Luxury Living when I worked with Penguin Books and Nike, Inc. who both generously booked my travel arrangements with the Ritz Carlton. It became my Home away from home with luxurious surroundings; elite bath and skin care products, private concierge and private drivers. I felt so special and most importantly it allowed me to rest and recover so that I could be ready for my appearances, seminars, photo shoots and presentations stress-free.  I learned that if you want to be your best, you need the best.

I want to share that experience with you. And I want you to enjoy it at a reasonable cost.  I don’t have the advertising and big corporate expenses you pay for when you buy other luxury products, so I can keep the prices affordable.

I want you to feel like a royalty when you step out into your world with beautiful luxurious skin.  My luxury brand has been created with pure elements, high-grade ingredients that deliver camera-ready beautiful skin. They are designed to help your skin renew and improve from the moment you use them and continue to improve year after year. It is a grand gesture to toss my hat into the Luxury Brand Ring, but I am confident you will be amazed at the quality of each and every specially designed product.

My Luxury Beauty Line Includes:

  • Skin Tightener Tri-Peptide – Tightening, Hydrating, Plumping, Firming
  • Sculpting Face Cream with Plant Stem Cells – Advanced Stem Cell Technology
  • Shae Butter Extreme Body Cream – Body, Neck, Decolette’
  • Firming Face, Neck & Chin Lotion – Smooths Lines & Wrinkles
  • Advanced Lighten & Brighten - Perfecting Skin Cream with Kojic Acid

The results our models, camera professionals, and raving fans worldwide, confirms that you too will see and feel the difference high-quality skin care at an affordable price can make. Start with one special moisturizer or my favorite, Renew Eye Gel With Vitamin C. It is truly incredible. Be very careful when you pump it, tap it very gently because with all of my products, it is highly concentrated and you only need a tiny bit. It has no fillers, additives and is cruelty-free.


Victoria’s Body Shoppe Organic Herbal Teas

Welcome to my Tea Shoppe!

Skin Tight Naturals Herbal TeaMy passion for tea started when I was a little girl and I got my first tea set and tea table. The tea set was adorned with a gold and pink royal theme. I couldn't wait to have my friends over so that I could host my first tea party. I got so impatient and just could not wait for real people so I dressed up my dolls and sat them at my new tea table and hosted a grand event. I must say the guests were impressed and loved it as much as I did. Yes, my passion for tea was born. I became so passionate about tea that I even grew my own in a backyard garden. That passion is what I cultivated and carried throughout my career in Health, Fitness, Beauty and life.
On one of my book tours, the Ritz Carlton was my sponsor Hotel and every afternoon they have the most fabulous afternoon tea sessions. I must admit that my favorite was the lavishly decorated Palm Court at the Ritz in London.  It was not only delicious, it was inspiring. I sat and wrote three new book outlines.
Traveling dancing, training, dieting and entrepreneurship were taking a toll on my body, energy, and immune system.  I sometimes found it difficult to find all the necessary individual teas I needed to stay healthy, energetic and on top of my game. I found myself traveling with bags of tea, and if you end up at a not too friendly airport, it would be confiscated or worse, suspected as illicit drugs lol!  I found the solution, add organic high-grade teas to my product line.  I have Detox Tea, Probiotic Wellness Tea and A Global favorite, Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder. They're always made fresh, no additives, no chemicals, non-gmo, and potent so that they work from the first cup to the last from a bag! I hope you find my teas as delightful, helpful and healthy as I and my millions of fans worldwide have.

Try a product today, we have a money back guarantee!